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Musings: It Isn’t Fall Without Apple Hill

Do you have Fall traditions?! If you live in or near Sacramento, I’m sure you travel to Apple Hill at least once a year. If you’re lucky (and brave), you go more. What is Apple Hill, you may ask? It’s rolling hills of apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms in Camino, California. Home

#CoachPAndLotTieTheKnot – 10.16.16

When you’re girl marries her prince… Photo by Cristal you CELEBRATE! Even if it’s pouring rain, like buckets of rain. Flash back to a couple of years ago, lil Adri’s bday party was in full swing at Round Table. The Teacher (re: Lot) mentioned she had a date later that

Rose & Thorn [26]

Sorry, a date late…dang head cold got the best of me yesterday 🙁 The last weekend of normalcy… Rose: Completing a full week of marathon training! Thorn: Damn head cold… Weekend collages are a must! This is the last weekend, before the whirlwind of the holiday’s sweeps us into an

Race Recap: Apple Hill Harvest Run 3.5 Miles

The Now I get why they call it Apple HILL! My love for Apple Hill has an all new level of appreciation. I never stopped to think why it was called Apple HILL. Yes, apples…they are everywhere and I eat them in copious amounts when I’m there. But never did

Rose & Thorn [23]

The My heart is full… Rose: Celebrating J’s birthday! Thorn: Extreme runner’s guilt for downgrading my race distance on Sunday… Firsts’ in a relationship are always exciting. So, celebrating J’s birthday was no different. It was my first birthday to spoil him rotten, as he deserves. It was also a