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Musings: Today, It’s Baseball Time…

SF Giants BASEBALL to be exact. Not ideally where I’d like to start the season, but just happy it’s STARTING! Just in case you don’t follow the G-men and/or baseball, the SF Giants will be starting the 2018 MLB season against the Dodgers in LA. I  feel gross even writing

Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

I may be a crappy Giants fan this year… …but I wouldn’t miss this race! Literally, this was the first time I’ve been to AT&T Park this year. I’m really starting to feel like a faux Giants fan. Yes, I follow the games via my App and watch as many

Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

My team > Your team Via Just sayin’! It’s only the sixth annual SF Giant Race. It seems like it’s been around longer than that, but I guess my time perception is always off. I think it is amazing that the SF Giants put together three different fun runs for

Five Things Friday – Donut Worry, Be Happy

Donut even tell me you don’t know today is… National Donut Day!! Line out the door, but I still got two dozen 🙂 A little pun fun for the office! @heygirlhill tagged me in @meghanpaigetarry’s IG  – so worthy of a repost! I’m feeling all sorts of content… Thanks, Clare!

Thinking Out Loud – My Tomboy Side is Showing

When my tomboy side shows… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. A week of sporty musings, yup! Pushing aside my girly tenancies and keeping it sporty up in here! It wasn’t intentional, until I started working on this post, it just came to be that way. I won’t fight it, I

Thinking Out Loud – My First Game of the Season

The SF Giants are everything (insert hands up emoji)! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. On Monday, I posted on FB, that I was already in love with this week. And it was NOT a lie! This week has been progressively been getting better and I can’t stop smiling today! Yesterday

Gamer Babe – The Basics

America’s Pastime is for the ladies too… Via Yup, I’m talkin’ baseball today, ladies (and gentlemen)! 7th Inning Stretch – Kasey At The Bat Thanks to Poppa Bear, I’ve bled Orange && Black from the beginning. Born and raised a SF Giants fan, I will forever love my team. I

Five Things Friday – Be Happy!

Smiling…for no reason! Thanks, Clare! Not that it should be a bad thing, but I’m in a great mood today. I guess, sometimes I feel bad for being so happy and content with my life. There are so many ugly things happening, in addition to hurt and pain, and I’m

WIAW – Vacay Before the Vaycay Eats

Comin’ at you live from the island…  Thanks, Jenn! Blogging has been a little on the harder side this week. With a Holiday on Monday and officially being on vaycay starting yesterday means I haven’t been a good blogger. So I’m here squeezing in a WIAW because I had an

5 Things Friday – Orange && Black

Sometimes being a SF Giants fan is heartbreaking… Thanks, Clare! …other times it amazing. Seriously, my boys in Orange && Black love to keep us on an emotional roller coaster. Pre all-star-break they were killin’ it, although those pesky Dodgers were close behind. Now, I’m celebrating them ending a six