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WIAW – Sac Bacon Fest 2014

Bacon, it’s like meat candy! Thanks, Jenn! You don’t think so? Maybe I’ll have to rethink our friendship! Last year was fun, but this year I got really serious about my participation at #SacBaconFest or Bacon Week as it should be deemed! The good ‘ol deets: Who: Bacon lovers near

WIAW – The CA State Fair

Once a year I get to not give a crap and eat ALL the damn fried food I can find… Thanks, Jenn! If you’re lucky enough to host your state fair in your city, then you know what I’m talking about. I absolutely love everything about the California state fair

WIAW – Ugly Eats & Dreams…

I feel like I’m letting you down with how non-appealing my eats are these days… Thanks, Jenn! With that said, sorry folks! Here goes some ugliness…but I’ll try to make up for it at the end, promise! Tuesday Eats Pre-Breakfast So my friend from Midtown S/C knows and supports my