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Musings: My FIRST Best of Sacramento Party

I love my city! I’m pretty sure you know that by now, but just in case you didn’t…I had to say it AGAIN! We have a local publication, Sacramento Magazine, that has been around forever. Poppa Bear has been a subscriber forever. I always love paging through the magazine at

Menage A LeTote

Third times a charm… Right?! Seems to be so with my latest LeTote. I guess someone was listening when I told them to fix their summer algorithm, because I received more summer options. I did however have to sub out one time, they wanted to send me a scarf again.

ORANGE You Glad We're Friends

…and that I’m older than you 😉 The Bestest had to work, so she couldn’t celebrate my birthday with me and everyone else on Saturday. So, instead she invited me out for dinner to celebrate, which rapidly turned into us taking a workout class at Orange Theory Fitness in Natomas, then

Thinking Out Loud – My First Game of the Season

The SF Giants are everything (insert hands up emoji)! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. On Monday, I posted on FB, that I was already in love with this week. And it was NOT a lie! This week has been progressively been getting better and I can’t stop smiling today! Yesterday

Thinking Out Loud – Getting Lost in Random

Allergies have me all kinds of random today! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. The last few nights have been shitty sleep. My allergies are killing me, making sleep elusive and my days miserable. I went from sore throat to post nasal drip in the span of one day. Sorry, I’ll

Thinking out Loud – It’s OK to be Random

Verbal purge… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Just some randomness that has been floating through my brain, in conversation, or on social media. Health Check – I love that my company rewards us for being healthy and also offers great tools to keep us on track. Each year they have

Thinking Out Loud – What Happened…

It’s already Thursday…. Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Annual Meeting // Every year, here at work, we host an Annual Meeting for our grower owners. If you don’t get this, then sorry. We are a cooperative here at work, so we are owned by the growers who entrust us with

Thinking Out Loud – Randomness, Please && Thanks!

Verbal spewage is about to happen… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. So you’ve been warned! No method to my madness today, other than the number system… 1. Just one of them MONTHS – Like when Monica sang it, but she just referred to “one of them days.” It’s been a

Rose & Thorn [11]

Summer time weekends always seem busier than any other season! Rose: Celebrating BABIES this weekend…a baby shower and a Baptism! Thorn: The dreaded HOT, HOT, HOT Sacramento summer weather (both days)! What was your Rose Thorn?   Another good weekend mix of relaxation and running around being super busy! I