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Musings: One SPECtacular Year

Workavsaries are a thing, right? If you haven’t come to notice it, I love to celebrate milestones, birthday’s, anniversaries — pretty much anything that can be celebrated. I know this tradition stems from my parents, because they too, like myself, celebrate all this stuff as well – mine, theirs, Lils,

3 Day Sabbatical

Better late than never, right… I’m already finishing the third week of my new job. Surprise! I got a new job. I wanted to do a post about leaving my job at the Nut House and how I was excited to start something new. But then I figured I better wait until I actually

Race Recap: Niello BMW Corporate Run 3.1

Running with my clique! Niello BMW Corporate Run 3.1 And by clique I mean my awesome coworkers. 20 to be exact, well that was our squad for this race, but one fella didn’t actually run it. But I’m stoked that I was able to get 19 of my coworkers out

WIAW – Veggie Week Ugliness

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time of the month. It’s Veggie Week! So here are my eats from yesterday, pardon the plainness that went on – just keepin’ it real over here! But before I get into yesterday, venture over to Arman at The Big

WIAW – Sippin on Gin && Juice

It’s really all about what happened yesterday night… …I’ll post all my eats from yesterday, but I’m really excited to share my experience last night. PS – This is my 400th post! But before I get into yesterday, take a peek at where it all started with Jenn! Meet new

Race Recap: Shamrock'N Half Marathon

Seven years later I’m still running this race… I’m not sure what else to say about this race. But I do know that every race is different, so I can recap from this particular race day perspective. In addition, they slightly changed up the course, AGAIN this year! If you

Five Things Friday – 5x5x5

Happy Flat Tire Friday…Whomp! Whomp! Not even a month old and one tire already needs to be fixed. Ah well, something so minor won’t ruin my Friday or weekend! Big fun things this weekend, can’t wait 🙂 Thanks, Clare! 5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week: 1. This…just this…

Thinking Out Loud – S E V E N Days…

A week until Christmas… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Whaaat? Still not done Christmas shopping and still don’t have any idea what to get for the rest that I need. Awesome. Cool story, Bro! On to my random thoughts… Ice Skating // Okay, I officially retire my incessant need to

WIAW – Random Foodness

A little of this and a little of that… Thanks, Jenn! Just because I feel like doing it that way. Thanks for the link-up Jenn, it’s always fun! Because my running eats are not that glamorous, but I continue to snap pics of them just because I need something to