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Race Recap: Run for a Safe Haven 2014

Not every race is a race. Something that, somewhere in the depths of my running sole, I get this, but my mind never truly understands. But this year, this race, I accepted it. I didn’t try to kill myself on this 5k, I ran it to run it and that

Race Recap: Dirty Secret Trail Run

Been there, done that! Dirty Secret Trail Run HA! Like that means anything. Just because you’ve run the same exact trail (race), doesn’t mean it still can’t kick your ass!! I respect the race, the distance, the difficulty…but I didn’t really respect my training for such a task.  My current

5 Things Friday – Death by 5's

Cause life only comes in 5’s… Five Things Friday Thanks, Clare! In between chugs of this bad boy… Just like Smartwater but cheaper! …I banged out some 5-er’s for you to enjoy! Happy x 5 1. I found the Suja juice I’ve been looking for. Well I wasn’t looking too

Race Recap: Credit Union Sactown 10 Mile Run

Sometimes you just run…  Sactown 10 And sometimes you are lured by a deal, say two races for the price of $60. The Sacramento Running Association did just that, they offered the Super Sunday Run 10k and the Sactown 10 miler for a steal. I hadn’t run either before, mixed with