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Musings: Celebrate Life…with Some Glitter

When your girlfriend is officially cancer free, you celebrate. You celebrate with class, which obviously means glitter! Duh! There are some rules about what determines a person to be Cancer Free, so please be cognizant of what it actually means. Kelly, our superhero, has undergone rounds of chemo, radiation, and

Race Recap: San Jose Giants Race

I Turn(ed) Two in San Jose… …but even more excited to become a Triple Bagger in September! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s rejoice in the five miles that is the San Jose Giant Race. I’ve raved about this race since the first time I ran it, although

Race Recap – Riverfront 5k

I’m a sucker for any inaugural race… ..but you already know that. Since the Sacramento Rivercats (AAA team) were acquired by the SF Giants affiliate last year, my favorite team is literally in my backyard for the next four years (I think that’s how long the contract is for). That

Rose & Thorn [40]

Adult slumber parties are the best… Rose: Celebrating my 32nd twice on Saturday! Thorn: A lingering migraine/headache since Wednesday… Mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about an all girls, actually woman, slumber party! This weekend was filled with family and friends, and my birthday of course. Although, no matter

Rose & Thorn [37]

The long weekend I’ve been longing for…No pun intended… Rose: Valentine’s Day and celebrating one year as J’s lady! Thorn: Not doing the long run that was on the training schedule :/ How did we luck out with a long weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our one year anniversary?

Rose & Thorn [28}

When a marathon takes over your city… Rose: Team Hot Mess killin’ it… Thorn: Feeling the effects of a sinus infection and not running for 8 days! You oblige and run the hell out of it! Well, your weekend pretty much revolves around it, at least. All these runners infest

Rose & Thorn [26]

Sorry, a date late…dang head cold got the best of me yesterday 🙁 The last weekend of normalcy… Rose: Completing a full week of marathon training! Thorn: Damn head cold… Weekend collages are a must! This is the last weekend, before the whirlwind of the holiday’s sweeps us into an

Rose & Thorn [23]

The My heart is full… Rose: Celebrating J’s birthday! Thorn: Extreme runner’s guilt for downgrading my race distance on Sunday… Firsts’ in a relationship are always exciting. So, celebrating J’s birthday was no different. It was my first birthday to spoil him rotten, as he deserves. It was also a

Rose & Thorn [17]

Busy, but not… Rose: Catching up and spending time with good friends… Thorn: Experiencing one of my fears with blogging, but realizing I’m completely okay with it. It was one of those weekends that felt like it flew by, but the calendar wasn’t actually jam packed like it could be.