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Musings: A December to Remember

When 3 weeks feel like a MONTH! Well, when it’s the Holiday’s I guess time gets magnified and accelerated…or at least in my little world it does. I haven’t checked-in in a while, so here I am. Some good things, some stressful things…but in all, life is good. I don’t

Race Recap: California International Marathon – Relay 2015

Same name, different team. Obsessed with this sign this year. I think the California International Marathon is magical. I may be slightly biased because it resides in my backyard, but nonetheless, there is something that it does to this city, year after year. If you aren’t pissed that you cannot

Race Recap – Credit Union Sactown10 – 5 Mile

New distance, new course… Sactown10 Back in December 2014, post CIM race, the Sacramento Running Association (SRA) offered a discounted rate of $26.20 for their fifth annual Sactown 10 Miler. You see what they did there 😉  So, being over zealous and somewhat eagerly training for Napa, I signed both

Race Recap: California International Marathon Relay

When running the relay just doesn’t feel right… Because it is the RUNniversary of your first, EVER, marathon! Okay, get over myself, I know…I know! For a different perspective on this race, please feel free to read my race recap from last year. However, before last year, this was a

Rose & Thorn [28}

When a marathon takes over your city… Rose: Team Hot Mess killin’ it… Thorn: Feeling the effects of a sinus infection and not running for 8 days! You oblige and run the hell out of it! Well, your weekend pretty much revolves around it, at least. All these runners infest

Where’s the reset button?

Dramatic, much?!? After nights like last night, I can’t help but sit here and smile. Yes, I have an overwhelming need to hit the reset button of life. But after last night, I am reminded to take life as it comes and remember that maybe slowing down isn’t such a

Race Recap: Super Sunday Run 10k

First race of the year! Obligatory race IG collage! Since my 49er’s didn’t make it, why not get my run on…since I’m not that vested in the game. I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit that SRA had a special if you bundled this race with their 10 miler

Sure, I’ll Trail with You!

I find it completely normal to just say yes when invited to “most” things, and then b$%#h about it until it’s done. This was no different for my first trail run of 2014. A little history should be shared, so you can really understand what’s going on here. Last year