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Coffee Date Me!

When Starbucks inspires a post… …I hate to admit it, but its true! I was so enamored with their new breakfast wrap that I was going to write an entire post about it, but then decided to just have a coffee date with you instead. So as I drink my

Coffee Date – Adios May

Lordy, lordy…it’s already June! Hi! I feel like I’ve been scarce around here lately, but for good reason. Life’s curve balls have been pretty crazy the last month, so I thought I’d just breeze through the last 31 days, as if we were sitting in your/my fave coffee shop and

GALentine's Coffee Date

Because love, Gal’s, and coffee just go together! Lately, running has been on my mind a lot…even if I haven’t been actually running the miles I am supposed to be. Our GALentine’s coffee date, will most likely be me talking about running and all the random stuff. So sit back

Five Things Friday – Our Coffee Date

Let’s pretend for a second… Thanks, Clare! Let’s get lost in a very cute, hippie chic coffee shop. We are sitting in some slightly uncomfortable wooden chairs, leaning on a concrete slab table, and enjoying each others company. Here are the things I’d probably talk to you about… Source 1.