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Coffee Date Me!

When Starbucks inspires a post… …I hate to admit it, but its true! I was so enamored with their new breakfast wrap that I was going to write an entire post about it, but then decided to just have a coffee date with you instead. So as I drink my

Musings: The New COOL Aid

Okay, so no big cool red jug dancing around… via Wikipedia …just a huge domineering corporation garnering WOM marketing like crazy for a ‘hidden menu’. It seems like hidden menus are the cool thing these days, In-N-Out and Jamba Juice, just to name a few. Of course, the tasty caffeinated

Le End (Totes x 4)

Finally, a tote I didn’t change one thing too… Promise! But the lackluster eloquence of this post is because this is my last tote. I decided that I’d rather not pay the monthly fee and just use that money towards actual clothes and/or accessories I get to keep.  Nonetheless, I

WIAW – Women's World Cup EATS

All the footy! AND all the food! Monday was the day that the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) had their first game of the Women’s World Cup. So, I will celebrate this special day (and their WIN) with my eats from that day. I better eat like that on Friday

Thinking Out Loud – Happy Thoughts

Loving my happy mood… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I’m going to chalk it up to lady business and say that I was in a bad/ugly mood the last few days, but that has come and gone. Maybe its the endorphins from my workout this AM or my pizza hangover,