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Musings: Full Moon Hike #OptOutside

Freezing bliss for a moonlit hike adventure. Are you a fan of co-ops? I am. Have been since I’ve worked at one and regularly shop at one. It made sends to become one with REI too. I didn’t even realize they were a co-op until more recently. And, you only

Race Recap: Dirty Secret Trail Run

Been there, done that! Dirty Secret Trail Run HA! Like that means anything. Just because you’ve run the same exact trail (race), doesn’t mean it still can’t kick your ass!! I respect the race, the distance, the difficulty…but I didn’t really respect my training for such a task.  My current

Sure, I’ll Trail with You!

I find it completely normal to just say yes when invited to “most” things, and then b$%#h about it until it’s done. This was no different for my first trail run of 2014. A little history should be shared, so you can really understand what’s going on here. Last year