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Diary of a Non-Cook: The EASIEST Appetizer Ever

Well Christmas came and went like a whirlwind. And as per the usu, I was tasked with an appetizer for our big celebration. I really should ask for dessert, since I can never get there on time. But, it makes the suspense that much more exciting for everyone 😉 Happily,

Sprinkle Baby C // Animal, Woodsy, Fox Theme

A Gender Reveal, a Sprinkle, a Babymoon, a Push Present… …all this new age bull-shit! I mean really, these new terms deemed necessary for new (or not-new) Mom’s is getting crazy. Consumerism has created a culture of craziness. That being said, I’m totally immersed in it, even though I’ve never

Diary of a Non-Cook: Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Ground turkey rules everything around me! Even though J is sooo over it. The world is just a better place with ground turkey versus ground beef. HAHA, says the girl who loves ordering burgers. I will say, as long as I’m not handling it, then I don’t mind. I don’t

Our Little Lisette [My Little Pony Themed Party]

Full of color and a little magic… Photo by UVVisions Photography (Cropped) …”Our Little Lisette’s” 8th birthday needed to be as Ponyriffic as she is…AND it was! Like my post last week said, I’m all about being the faux Hostess with the Hostess. Thanks to Pinterest and the Dollar Tree,

Cali Girl Does Hawaii: Back to the Island

Surprise, surprise! Well, that’s what this trip was supposed to be anyways. Lil was going for a wedding and extending the trip to celebrate her big 3-0 out there. My parents hopped on board and I pretended to bow out due to finances. But all along, mostly, I knew I

WIAW – Is it lunch tiiiime yet?

Lunch might possibly be the most annoying meal of the day… Thanks, Jenn! It always seems like such a hassle, especially during the work week. If you aren’t like me, then you probably prep it the night before or in the AM, before leaving for work – which would both

Rose & Thorn [32]

My body is still screaming from this weekend… Rose: Our Family Friday Date Night & our belated Girl’s Holiday Outing! Thorn: The shittiest long run this training cycle, well…to-date! Friday I came home to the BEST piece of mail ever. I don’t think I mentioned it in earlier posts, but

Rose & Thorn [25]

Our house is now a home! Rose: Having all of our family and friends visit our home! Thorn: No time for resting, all weekend… My heart couldn’t be any happier, but I’m exhausted. Getting serious about marathon training, having a busy social calendar, and prepping for a housewarming has left

Rose & Thorn [24]

A day late, my bad…   My body is exhausted, but my heart is happy! Rose: Spending our first night in our new home!  Thorn: Exhaustion from all things moving… Let me just tell you moving right next door, is STILL moving! We had so much help, but I’m exhausted

Thinking Out Loud – NLDS NLDS NLDS

I’m Giants, Giants Giants… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Before I even delve into my Thinking out Loud Thursday ritual, one thing needs to be said… MY G-MEN ARE GOING TO THE NLDS. How I watched the Giants with the 2014 NL Wild Card For all you readers that aren’t