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Musings: My Claim to Fame

I’m like, kinda Insta-famous… Totally kidding. However, this day in age, when a brand reposts, or even comments on your social, it tends to mean something to some. Some people could give a rats ass about this stuff. I can appreciate that. Then you have those, like myself, who enjoy

Christmas Advenutre: The Last Day…

A day with no plans… This felt really nice after going nonstop from Christmas Eve to now. There were only two things that we had planned for the day, L had to have some pool time and J had to watch is beloved Spurs play! That was it…well, and of

The New Tradition: A Christmas Adventure

What do you get a kid who has pretty much everything? Okay, none of us are rich (by any means), but the kid literally has most everything she wants or needs. She still has presents that haven’t been opened from her birthday four months ago. I don’t think she needs

Musings: A December to Remember

When 3 weeks feel like a MONTH! Well, when it’s the Holiday’s I guess time gets magnified and accelerated…or at least in my little world it does. I haven’t checked-in in a while, so here I am. Some good things, some stressful things…but in all, life is good. I don’t

Rose & Thorn [30]

It’s still 2014, ladies & gents.. Rose: Our first Christmas.  Thorn: Still feeling the effects of cold/sickness part deux! My 30th Rose & Thorn, I’ve really come to like writing this post. However, without boring you to death with my doings from Wednesday at noon through yesterday night, I’ll just

Where’s the reset button?

Dramatic, much?!? After nights like last night, I can’t help but sit here and smile. Yes, I have an overwhelming need to hit the reset button of life. But after last night, I am reminded to take life as it comes and remember that maybe slowing down isn’t such a