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Musings: My First Disneyland Birthday

It only took me 36 years… Thanks, parentals 😉 HAHA, JK, I’m totally kidding. I am so beyond blessed and spoiled by my parents, this is TOTALLY a joke! But, now I know why we generally didn’t go to Disneyland for my birthday. March in Anaheim is sketchy. Like, are

Thinking Out Loud – Like I Do Every Thursday

Well, well, well… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. It’s already Thursday, I’ll be darned! I’m pretty excited about this weekend, got some fun stuff planned 🙂 6 Months-ish // When I outed my blog, I knew there would be some support and probably some backlash (can’t think of a better

A Taboo Topic…Or So it Seems…

Relationships… Sometimes you have to talk about things that people don’t ever really talk about…this coming from the girl who can spew her life on this random open-to-the-public, blog…but has a hard time expressing herself in a relationship. Go figure… Yup! Pretty much sums up what I’ve learned after a

Thinking out Loud…Cause It’s Thursday…

Some casual thoughts… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. because the freedom to type feels so good… 1. Sunburn – Those pesky parts in your hair are the worst. I completely forget about putting sunblock there, lo and behold, a couple days later I have more dandruff than an 80 year

Thinking out Loud – Numero Tres

Randomness at its finest! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I think I love doing this because I get to be completely random! I don’t have to focus or write on a specific topic, which I do enjoy, but let’s be honest, being random is much easier… 1. Eczema – if