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Musings: Lunchin’ in Sausalito

I wasn’t going to plan anything this year… I was going to let our Monterey trip be any type of birthday celebration I’d have be it, this year. But then I figured why not? Why not see if anyone is available to do something different? Clubbing birthdays were our early

New Year, New Adventures

Ending 2015 with a grateful heart champs and starting 2016 cursing the champs! Normally, my entire family gets together for the first day of the year. But this year they all decided to travel…all to the same city, apparently! HAHA! This means that we were left to our own devices.

Thinking Out Loud – A Penny for Your Thoughts

It’s been way too long! I thought I’d let the thoughts flow today, since I haven’t done this in a hot minute. I went to peep out the situation over at .running with spoons. to see if anything has changed. Come to found out Amanda is celebrating her 3rd blogging