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My Go-To Summer Cockatil of 2016

I am soooo not that type of person… …but after making this drink back-to-back days and liking equally each time, I decided to dub the following my drink for Summer 2016! I cannot take credit for this lovely creation. Someone liked a FB post by ‘The Drunken Goose’– of which,

Thinking Out Loud on a Thurrrrsday

I’m a little frenzied, pardon me… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. A runner’s high and a 16oz soy mocha are to blame! That mixed with my casual attire at work today, mean it’s already been a great day. That and I was able to order my new Saucony (casual) shoes

Thinking Out Loud – NLDS NLDS NLDS

I’m Giants, Giants Giants… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Before I even delve into my Thinking out Loud Thursday ritual, one thing needs to be said… MY G-MEN ARE GOING TO THE NLDS. How I watched the Giants with the 2014 NL Wild Card For all you readers that aren’t

5 Things Friday –

Friday one of my favorite F words! Thanks, Clare! Along with food, fried food, friends, and did I mention…food?!? 5 Links That Peaked My Interest: 1. 10 Mistakes Women Make In The Gym  – I love to go to the gym, its cathartic. Buuuut, I’m definitely fakin’ the funk when

Thinking Out Loud – Perceived Reality

Social media rules everything around me… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Sorry, it’s no longer cash! Sorry, my inner Wu Tang just came out, hope you get that reference (if you do, we should really, really be friends)! Life has its good, bad, and mundane moments. However, most of us