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Musings: I Can't Afford Girl Scout Cookies

What the actual F?! $5 a box?! Is this serious? Is this real life? I thought I bought some last year, but I would wholeheartedly remember paying that exorbitant amount for a box of crack that is Samoas or Tagalongs! Those socks NEVER stayed up and those tassels were weird!

Girls Night – A Year in Review {2015}

Our Girls Nights > Yours That sounds a little cocky, but I believe it. On Thursday night, after everyone had left besides Care and the Lovebug, I sat on the couch watching him jump around and felt a cloud of happiness and contentment settle over me. I absolutely LOVE hosting

Showering in Yountville!

I’m in quite the snark mood… …you’ve been warned. When one of your best guy friend’s finds his love, you support it! No matter what. You attend the parties they host, you congratulate when they are engaged, you attend the bachelorette party in San Diego, you attend the wedding, and


Hashtag. All. The. National. Holiday’s. Via I love this saying. It’s so damn true. Since there’s a ‘national’ day for everything then why shouldn’t girlfriends get one too?! If you’ve spent any time here at MOAGT (that’s an ugly acronym), then you know how much I treasure my friends –