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Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 2

Still not perfect, but who is? Oh wow, what a slap of reality to my running conditioning. I knew I wasn’t in real good running shape, but Wednesday’s first ‘speed play’ really, really highlighted that for me. Also, come to find out that Fartlek means ‘speed play’ in Swedish (felt

Race Recap: California International Marathon – Relay 2015

Same name, different team. Obsessed with this sign this year. I think the California International Marathon is magical. I may be slightly biased because it resides in my backyard, but nonetheless, there is something that it does to this city, year after year. If you aren’t pissed that you cannot

Race Recap: Shamrock'N Half Marathon

Seven years later I’m still running this race… I’m not sure what else to say about this race. But I do know that every race is different, so I can recap from this particular race day perspective. In addition, they slightly changed up the course, AGAIN this year! If you

Race Recap: Napa Valley Marathon 2015

The ‘make or break’ marathon… Everyone one says don’t decide if you like or dislike (re: hate) something only after doing it once. Or is that just for food? Anywho, I decided, after over a year sabbatical I’d attempt another marathon (CIM 2013 was my first). The lure of Napa

A Shit Training Day && Some Cheer

We all have them. We go through them, we deal with them, we get over it! Maybe if you’re like me you tend to dwell a little longer than necessary, but it’s almost like mourning the wasted minutes I know could have been spent working out harder. Napa and SLO

Race Recap: Run to Feed the Hungry 2014

I’m a Race Rebel! Only when it comes to this race. If you’re a new-ish reader, you can read last year’s recap here, I don’t want to bore everyone with redundancy! Let’s just say, with 27,000 runner’s each year, I deem it acceptable to hop in about a quarter of

Thinking Out Loud – Marathon Deux Musings…

I have too..I just have too…. Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. MY GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES!  3 WS CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES IN 5 YEARS!! **Pardon the yelling, I’m THAT excited… *Sorry for the poor pictures, this is all I could take after they won the WS Source // MLB Instagram

Race Recap: Run for a Safe Haven 2014

Not every race is a race. Something that, somewhere in the depths of my running sole, I get this, but my mind never truly understands. But this year, this race, I accepted it. I didn’t try to kill myself on this 5k, I ran it to run it and that

Race Recap: Urban Cow Half Marathon – Relay

It will forever be Cowtown to me! Urban Cow If I had to guess, I would say this is the big fall race in Sacramento. Even after the 2012 “Udderly Long Race” of a 13.74 mile half marathon, people still come out in droves! I’ve only ever done this as