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Musings: My Claim to Fame

I’m like, kinda Insta-famous… Totally kidding. However, this day in age, when a brand reposts, or even comments on your social, it tends to mean something to some. Some people could give a rats ass about this stuff. I can appreciate that. Then you have those, like myself, who enjoy

Musings: A SURPRISE Breakup Party

No Juan was harmed during this celebration! I feel like this type of thing only happens to Real Housewives of [insert hella different cities] or on SATC! N E V E R did I imagine my girl tribe would surprise me with a breakup party! I woke up the next

Diary of a Non-Cook: Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake

Brinner for Girls Night! Tots! I think we joked that breakfast for dinner is a way to metaphorically start the new year. Or something ridiculous like that! Brinner is always a fave with the girls and it’s super easy to make and plan. Luckily, my over organizational skills have left

Musings: A December to Remember

When 3 weeks feel like a MONTH! Well, when it’s the Holiday’s I guess time gets magnified and accelerated…or at least in my little world it does. I haven’t checked-in in a while, so here I am. Some good things, some stressful things…but in all, life is good. I don’t

Cinco de Ganeeban

Hey, remember me… No prob-llama, I haven’t gone anywhere! I’ve missed blogging and it missed me. I thought I’d write a quick post about life lately…so yeah! Night Date, because Date Night is so overused. Last night J and I used two gift cards (werk perk) that were expired, but

Diary of a Non-Cook: Homemade Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole

I can’t show up empty handed to Girl’s Night! I mean, I can and no one would bat an eye. But that’s RUDE! The first Girls Night of 2016 started of at Summer Sister’s house with a breakfast theme. I wanted to try to make something, instead of just curating

Girls Night – A Year in Review {2015}

Our Girls Nights > Yours That sounds a little cocky, but I believe it. On Thursday night, after everyone had left besides Care and the Lovebug, I sat on the couch watching him jump around and felt a cloud of happiness and contentment settle over me. I absolutely LOVE hosting

The Art of Saying YES!

I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered it. Much to J’s displeasure, I’ve always been the girl who would join you for anything – coffee, dinner, a run, you name it, I was probably down.  Although eventually a relationship was added into the mix, the ‘Yes’ still came natural. J may strongly

Five Things Friday – Donut Worry, Be Happy

Donut even tell me you don’t know today is… National Donut Day!! Line out the door, but I still got two dozen 🙂 A little pun fun for the office! @heygirlhill tagged me in @meghanpaigetarry’s IG  – so worthy of a repost! I’m feeling all sorts of content… Thanks, Clare!