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Musings: Celebrate Life…with Some Glitter

When your girlfriend is officially cancer free, you celebrate. You celebrate with class, which obviously means glitter! Duh! There are some rules about what determines a person to be Cancer Free, so please be cognizant of what it actually means. Kelly, our superhero, has undergone rounds of chemo, radiation, and

Musings: Post It or It Didn’t Happen

So many thoughts, so many feels. via Pinterest I realize the irony in this Pin, trust me I do. What does a girl with (currently, can change at any time) 3,674 Instagram posts, 9,797 Tweets, and countless FB posts have any business posting something like this? Because it resonates wholeheartedly

Five Things Friday – Be Happy!

Smiling…for no reason! Thanks, Clare! Not that it should be a bad thing, but I’m in a great mood today. I guess, sometimes I feel bad for being so happy and content with my life. There are so many ugly things happening, in addition to hurt and pain, and I’m

Thinking Out Loud – Musings Para Mi

Renewed, straight into busy… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Oddly, it doesn’t feel at all weird that I took yesterday off – from blogging and work. I did think about the WIAW post that would have normally gone up, but I didn’t feel a huge desire to run and write

A Taboo Topic…Or So it Seems…

Relationships… Sometimes you have to talk about things that people don’t ever really talk about…this coming from the girl who can spew her life on this random open-to-the-public, blog…but has a hard time expressing herself in a relationship. Go figure… Yup! Pretty much sums up what I’ve learned after a