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Musings: My (Natural) Deodorant is Giving ME Anxiety

I don’t follow most of the fads… I think sometimes people think I don’t follow them on principle of not trying to be a cool kid. But really, if I’m not into it, I’m just not into it. And so no need in faking like for vampires (they truly scare

Musings: (Heavenly) Halotherapy Session

I’m not above trying most things when I’m sick… I finally bit the bullet and bought Zinc! After multiple times of being sick and researching if I should take it or not, I caved. To no avail, this time around I decided to try anything and everything under the sun.

Musings: Physical Therapy Newbie

Remember how I pretty much bullied my way to a MRI? Well, that didn’t really help. Ever since then, it’s been a mess — part in thanks to my PCP and the people who work there. Get it together people! Before I go on. I’m no one special, nor is

3 6 5 Days

…of not eating Fast Food. I don’t want accolades. But J sure does.  I will give him his kudos and accolades, but I still don’t need them. I’m an “all in or out” type of girl, which isn’t new. I don’t do good with moderation, probably another 2016 goal that should be


Hashtag. All. The. National. Holiday’s. Via I love this saying. It’s so damn true. Since there’s a ‘national’ day for everything then why shouldn’t girlfriends get one too?! If you’ve spent any time here at MOAGT (that’s an ugly acronym), then you know how much I treasure my friends –