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…and Like That It’s Over!

Christmas has come and gone… …just like that. If you remember correctly, I was trying to find my Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. Shortly after I wrote/posted that, it started to sink in and magically I began to start feeling more in the spirit. Maybe it was just saying it out loud (well,

WW(e)AW – Anniversary Eats

I’m Lucky us 😉 Thanks, Jenn! Presidents day happened to coincide with our one year anniversary this year. So here is What We Ate Monday in celebration of our long weekend and one year of being official, sound so old school! I don’t know if its time, situational, or what, but

Rose & Thorn [29]

301st post, whaaaaaat?!? Rose: Tie between L’s first kid’s fun run & the cookie party… Thorn: Missing out on some ZZZZZ’s! Nothing really crazy going on this weekend, well anything out of the ordinary December weekend. It was busy, but nothing I couldn’t handle 🙂 FRIDAY Such a busy, busy