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Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

The Giants may be having an AWFUL year, but their racing series is NOT! Ahh, to be so happy to run and support your team who is having the worst season (possibly) ever is humbling! Regardless of their current league standing, thousands flocked to San Francisco this weekend to show

Musings: Monterey Birthday Getaway

Finally! After years of dating, we finally found our way to Monterey. I’ve been asking and talking about going here forever. I’m truly a kid a heart. The ocean calms me and I love everything about it — so obviously, The Monterey Bay Aquarium makes my heart swoon! Instead of

Cali Girl Does Seattle – Día Uno

Adulting Spring break style… And because we’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy…be serious! Well, we do watch it every week, but that’s not why we decided to spend a few days here. It happened on a whim and I went with it. If J agrees to any adventure, I plan it in

Cali Girl Does Chicago – The End!

I love exploring different places… …but nothing feels as good as home! All good things must come to an end, but first you better enjoy the hell out of them. I wasn’t homesick at all, but I was definitely missing my pillows and L’s sweet little face! But before we

Rose & Thorn [40]

Adult slumber parties are the best… Rose: Celebrating my 32nd twice on Saturday! Thorn: A lingering migraine/headache since Wednesday… Mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about an all girls, actually woman, slumber party! This weekend was filled with family and friends, and my birthday of course. Although, no matter

Rose & Thorn [23]

The My heart is full… Rose: Celebrating J’s birthday! Thorn: Extreme runner’s guilt for downgrading my race distance on Sunday… Firsts’ in a relationship are always exciting. So, celebrating J’s birthday was no different. It was my first birthday to spoil him rotten, as he deserves. It was also a