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Musings: These Eyes

…never saw you leaving. Who knew that sharing such raw emotions and authenticity would be so empowering, so relieving, and so helpful through a deep, dark process? It wasn’t the cure, by FAR, but it helped. The love and responses received after Musings: Hundreds in Therapy, Later was overwhelming in the best way

Thinking Out Loud – Back At It!

Annnd I’m back at it… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. It’s been a few weeks since I participated in Amanda’s link-up, but today is the day I jump right back in. The last few weeks have been slightly off due to my sinus infection & Thanksgiving, but I always enjoy

Thinking Out Loud…Literally

Thinking…sometimes it’s a little rough 😉  Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Busy week, outside of my work hours. Every day is something and will be until Sunday. I know I am the culprit of this, I can say no to things/events, but I think I thrive on a jam packed

5 Things Friday

5 is my favorite number… …so here it goes! 5 (random) things for this lovely Friday! 1. Trolling – every and all social media things to find ridiculous things to send to friends or things to keep me motivated or inspired.  Sent this to the Bestest! I died! Tiny Buddha