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New-ish Sactown Eats

Sacramento stays poppin’! Said with mostly sarcasm. But seriously, Sacramento is always growing and evolving, but really their restaurant (and coffee) culture is what I’m speaking too. New places are always opening up, replacing other places…or sadly being closed.  I thought it would be fun to share some new places

Race Recap: Giant Race Riverfront 5k

Only running for my beloved G-Men! I haven’t run, really run, in probably six months or so. I don’t count the soccer field, because that is a different type of running. It’s not continuous, even though it kicks my ass. My rule this year was to only run any or

Musings: Woe is 33

Or Me! Life at 33…is about the same as life at 32 😉 I’d love to sit here and tell you how amazing and exciting my birthday weekend was, but it really wasn’t. Please don’t mistake this for me being upset or sad about my birthday, AT ALL! I must