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Rose & Thorn [25]

Our house is now a home! Rose: Having all of our family and friends visit our home! Thorn: No time for resting, all weekend… My heart couldn’t be any happier, but I’m exhausted. Getting serious about marathon training, having a busy social calendar, and prepping for a housewarming has left

5 Things Friday – It's Baaaaccck….

I decided to get a little creative last week, but I’m back on track… Thanks, Clare! 5 Things I’m Looking Forward Too This Weekend: 1. Baby Zachary’s baptism – Grateful I was asked to witness such a milestone for the Gangl family! 2. Actually getting to use a Living Social

Rose & Thorn [24]

A day late, my bad…   My body is exhausted, but my heart is happy! Rose: Spending our first night in our new home!  Thorn: Exhaustion from all things moving… Let me just tell you moving right next door, is STILL moving! We had so much help, but I’m exhausted