WIAW – A (Tues)Day In the Life…

A little inspiration to spice up my weekly post, from Chelsea Eats Treats post today! It’s always fun trying to figure out where the party is each week, but I’m seeing a pattern. So we find ourselves back over with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets. Per the usu, check

Race Recap: Apple Hill Harvest Run 3.5 Miles

The Now I get why they call it Apple HILL! My love for Apple Hill has an all new level of appreciation. I never stopped to think why it was called Apple HILL. Yes, apples…they are everywhere and I eat them in copious amounts when I’m there. But never did

WIAW – Cause Snacking is How I Roll…

I snack to kill time in between meals… Thanks, Jenn! When someone asks my hobbies, “snacking” is always in the top 5! I’m a constant snacker, more so at my desk, rather than on the weekends when I’m out and about. I feel like a slight apology is in order,

Race Recap: Super Sunday Run 10k

First race of the year! Obligatory race IG collage! Since my 49er’s didn’t make it, why not get my run on…since I’m not that vested in the game. I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit that SRA had a special if you bundled this race with their 10 miler

I Do What I Want!

While the whole world is meal prepping and eating healthy… I’m here just eating whatever I want! I thought I’d counteract all of these annoying inspiring healthy foods posts, with a regular, average person’s food decisions for the first week of January. Also some quick little weekend highlights! Pronto //