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Musings: My FIRST Best of Sacramento Party

I love my city! I’m pretty sure you know that by now, but just in case you didn’t…I had to say it AGAIN! We have a local publication, Sacramento Magazine, that has been around forever. Poppa Bear has been a subscriber forever. I always love paging through the magazine at

Rose & Thorn [48]

It was all about the Momma’s…Momma’s…Momma’s…. Rose: Mother’s Day! I love my Momma! Thorn: The most poorly run Race for the Cure in Sacramento, what a disappointment! I’m really keeping it short this week, like really! Friday Right after work I went straight to the mall to pick up our

Rose & Thorn [47]

Great weekends, start off great weeks! Rose: First ever Annual Ganeeban Crab Feed and the Guidette’s bday (again)! Thorn: Realizing my calf is worse than I thought and that Manong Manny lost the fight! In an attempt to keep it short, I’m sure it will still be wordy and annoying.

Rose & Thorn [26]

Sorry, a date late…dang head cold got the best of me yesterday 🙁 The last weekend of normalcy… Rose: Completing a full week of marathon training! Thorn: Damn head cold… Weekend collages are a must! This is the last weekend, before the whirlwind of the holiday’s sweeps us into an

I Do What I Want!

While the whole world is meal prepping and eating healthy… I’m here just eating whatever I want! I thought I’d counteract all of these annoying inspiring healthy foods posts, with a regular, average person’s food decisions for the first week of January. Also some quick little weekend highlights! Pronto //