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Race Recap: LSNC Valentine Run 2018

First race R U N of 2018! When you wait for some annoying human to decide if your plans will fall into (their) place or not, sometimes you just have to sign up for a race with one of your fave gal pal’s and her cute baby. If you can’t

City Girl Hikes: Alamere Falls – Bolinas, CA

This City girl seeks nature from time to time! Since we haven’t done a hike since last summer AND we finally had a free weekend with nothing on the calendar, I told J we were hiking! HAHA! Well, I really said I needed a hike in my life. He obliged

Q&A Style w/ Jamee: Social Media + SO's,

Social media lunch dates really make me smile! As I was enjoying my Matcha Lemonade and Bacon Melt with Jamee, I steered our conversation to the topic of Significant Others (SO, from here on out) and social media. I was saying (re: complaining) how after 3.5 years J has finally

Musings: Swooning over the CA State Fair

Another year, another CA State Fair!   Just living my best life possible, one fried thing at a time! I can’t really say much that I haven’t already said over the last few years: 2016, 2015, 2014, and another 2014. But what I can do, is share my mostly food adventures from my two

Coffee Date – Adios May

Lordy, lordy…it’s already June! Hi! I feel like I’ve been scarce around here lately, but for good reason. Life’s curve balls have been pretty crazy the last month, so I thought I’d just breeze through the last 31 days, as if we were sitting in your/my fave coffee shop and

An Early Valentine’s Day Adventure: Lodi Wine & Chocolate

Sometimes being a cliche is okay! The Lil asked if we wanted to join her and her dude at Lodi Wine and Chocolate. We didn’t really need much convincing, so we agreed. I’d heard of this event, but I’ve never thought to actually go. I love a new adventure and

Musings: A Day Trip to Reset

He knows where I need to go when I’m feeling stagnant… …or just need a reset. I had that feeling and I expressed it to J, so he planned a quick little day trip to the City for us. I didn’t realize, but he had planned for us to hike,

Dine Downtown // Ten22

Prix fixe scares me… I am a lover of food with a slightly picky palette. I think that accurately describes me. Dine Downtown has been happening in Sacramento for a while now, 12 years according to the website, and I’ve always thought about it. But that was it, just thought