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Q&A Style w/ Jamee: Social Media + SO's,

Social media lunch dates really make me smile! As I was enjoying my Matcha Lemonade and Bacon Melt with Jamee, I steered our conversation to the topic of Significant Others (SO, from here on out) and social media. I was saying (re: complaining) how after 3.5 years J has finally

WIAW – Is it lunch tiiiime yet?

Lunch might possibly be the most annoying meal of the day… Thanks, Jenn! It always seems like such a hassle, especially during the work week. If you aren’t like me, then you probably prep it the night before or in the AM, before leaving for work – which would both

Thinking Out Loud – What Happened…

It’s already Thursday…. Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Annual Meeting // Every year, here at work, we host an Annual Meeting for our grower owners. If you don’t get this, then sorry. We are a cooperative here at work, so we are owned by the growers who entrust us with

WIAW – Ugly Eats & Dreams…

I feel like I’m letting you down with how non-appealing my eats are these days… Thanks, Jenn! With that said, sorry folks! Here goes some ugliness…but I’ll try to make up for it at the end, promise! Tuesday Eats Pre-Breakfast So my friend from Midtown S/C knows and supports my

WIAW – The Big Easy Eats

The Big Easy…ain’t so easy on my waistline :/ Thanks, Jenn! Every year, work sends me on a trip to a trade show. It is our largest, domestic trade show…so basically it’s a B-I-G deal! All the prep-work happens two months before, then it’s SHOW time! This year the show