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3 6 5 Days

…of not eating Fast Food. I don’t want accolades. But J sure does.  I will give him his kudos and accolades, but I still don’t need them. I’m an “all in or out” type of girl, which isn’t new. I don’t do good with moderation, probably another 2016 goal that should be

Rose & Thorn [21]

I’m Gettin’ our Halloweenie on way in advance! Rose: Getting in quality time with so many friends and family! Thorn: Veggie week started yesterday…I want all the protein!! So I’ve been told, my social calendar is way more populated than the average bear. I never saw it that way, but

WIAW – Girls Gone Wine

“Girls Weekend” means that calories don’t count… Thanks, Jenn! I just wish my body knew that 🙂 I’m taking creative liberties (again) and going to post my weekend eats, not just one day. So, although indulgences were a plenty, we actually didn’t eat super boughie (re fancy). We kept it

WIAW – Hawaiian Eats

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.  Thanks, Jenn! Just warning you, you are about to experience some serious food porn from Hawaii. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but we ate our way around the island AND then some. Yes, I attempted to document everything I ate when I was

WIAW – San Diiiiagggo Edition

Stay classy, San Diego! Thanks, Jenn! I waited to post all of my food pics from my long weekend for this link-up! Nothing was too fancy and Starbucks was repeated 3 times, but here’s what/how I eat when I travel for a RUNcation! When you are at the mercy of