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Rose & Thorn [51]

Glorifying busy with a grateful heart! Rose: Lotty receiving her Master’s degree & a weekend of footy! Thorn: Losing our co-ed semi final game on Sunday 🙁 We knew it would be a busy weekend, but we were prepared for it. A soccer tourney for J, meant that lots of

Rose & Thorn [44]

A full heart..and belly! Rose: An entire weekend with my family! Thorn: Relationship stuff with. I had no idea this weekend would so wonderful. I was able to spend the whole weekend with my immediate family and our little family. We definitely kept ourselves busy all weekend, out and about,

Rose & Thorn [37]

The long weekend I’ve been longing for…No pun intended… Rose: Valentine’s Day and celebrating one year as J’s lady! Thorn: Not doing the long run that was on the training schedule :/ How did we luck out with a long weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our one year anniversary?

Rose & Thorn [36]

I really could have used an extra day this weekend… Rose: A fun weekend with L and running a few of my long run miles with Haley! Thorn: Only 12 miles for my long run and 6 of them were in pouring rain! Our weekends with L are always a

Rose & Thorn [32]

My body is still screaming from this weekend… Rose: Our Family Friday Date Night & our belated Girl’s Holiday Outing! Thorn: The shittiest long run this training cycle, well…to-date! Friday I came home to the BEST piece of mail ever. I don’t think I mentioned it in earlier posts, but

Rose & Thorn [13]

I’m made for summer weekends… Rose: It’s a tie, between our Friday night park date or our Saturday morning Railroad Museum adventure. Thorn: Being poolside with gloomy-ish weather… It seems as if the weekend progressed, my picture taking did the opposite. Per the usu, it was a busy one, but