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City Girl Does Cancún

It all started with a letter… …and continues with a beautiful and very memorable wedding on the beach of Cancún. Not, not my love story. HAHA! But the dreamiest of stories of the Wench meeting, falling in love and marrying Hotlanta in a whirlwind long-ish weekend in Mexico surrounded by love,

Excursioning in Ensenada

You get one day on land! So, you better make the BEST of it!  And Poppa Bear decided we were going to, damn it! He booked us an ATV and wine tasting adventure! We had to meet in a certain area of the ship by 9AM to leave for our

Crusin’, Baby!

The last summer hurrah… The perfect way to end our summer of small trips. I’ve done some traveling, minimal, but enough. But I’ve never been in the airport as many times as I have this summer, in that short of time span. I feel completely lucky to be sharing my