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Coffee Date – Adios May

Lordy, lordy…it’s already June! Hi! I feel like I’ve been scarce around here lately, but for good reason. Life’s curve balls have been pretty crazy the last month, so I thought I’d just breeze through the last 31 days, as if we were sitting in your/my fave coffee shop and

Musings: Smiply Crafting

Crafting done simple. Pinterest, my disdain still lingers, even though I continue to use it regularly. However, I think that with the ever fanatic use of the app/tool, people forget to come back to reality and remember most of us have full time jobs, kids, commitments…A LIFE! Pinterest crafting takes

Diary of a Non-Cook: 7 Layer Dip (for MOM)

Curating is the name of the game. Trader Joes is my arsenal! Each family party we volunteer to bring something. I generally get an appetizer, re: easy. I’m okay with that and everyone also gets a nice surprise when I arrive. This year, I was specifically asked to bring chips

Rose & Thorn [48]

It was all about the Momma’s…Momma’s…Momma’s…. Rose: Mother’s Day! I love my Momma! Thorn: The most poorly run Race for the Cure in Sacramento, what a disappointment! I’m really keeping it short this week, like really! Friday Right after work I went straight to the mall to pick up our

Five Things Friday – Five and I'm OUT!

It’s Friday (night) and I feel all right… Thanks, Clare! …the party’s here on the West Side! I want to keep singing the lyrics…even though they are written. That’s probably one of my fave songs, ever! I love when it comes on, my ‘gangsta rapper’ comes out in full effect!

Rose & Thorn [2]

I’ve decided the word weekend is synonymous with plans. Please don’t let me have a pity party here, but every weekend seems to be booked from here until the end of July. Such a case of #firstworldprobs , yes I realize this. I just hope the one day that I

5 Things Friday – Death by 5's

Cause life only comes in 5’s… Five Things Friday Thanks, Clare! In between chugs of this bad boy… Just like Smartwater but cheaper! …I banged out some 5-er’s for you to enjoy! Happy x 5 1. I found the Suja juice I’ve been looking for. Well I wasn’t looking too