…and Like That It’s Over!

Christmas has come and gone… …just like that. If you remember correctly, I was trying to find my Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. Shortly after I wrote/posted that, it started to sink in and magically I began to start feeling more in the spirit. Maybe it was just saying it out loud (well,

Rose & Thorn [42]

The first weekend of Spring did NOT disappoint… Rose: Miss Olivia’s 3rd birthday FUNstivities and our quarterly Napa trip with the girls! Thorn: Big Blue needing more work done… I’m pretty sure I spent more time outside this weekend, than indoors AND it was perfect. Although my allergies might disagree,

Thinking Out Loud – Marathon Deux Musings…

I have too..I just have too…. Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. MY GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES!  3 WS CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES IN 5 YEARS!! **Pardon the yelling, I’m THAT excited… *Sorry for the poor pictures, this is all I could take after they won the WS Source // MLB Instagram