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Happy Global Running Day! [2016]

Celebrating in a different kind of way today… …saying ‘goodbye’ to my Watermelons! A pair of Kinvara’s that have seen (mostly) the worst of my running, but also some happy miles… Today, along with all my other fun running friends, I celebrate the all encompassing sport of ‘Running’. If you

Musings: Uncomfortable

…in my jeans! Well, how to I put this…because I ripped a hole in them. For us ‘thick’ girls, it happened right where our thighs rub. I guess just one too much rub in the right spot, left them splitting open. Not embarrassingly enough to need to rush home to

Race Recap: Napa Valley Marathon 2015

The ‘make or break’ marathon… Everyone one says don’t decide if you like or dislike (re: hate) something only after doing it once. Or is that just for food? Anywho, I decided, after over a year sabbatical I’d attempt another marathon (CIM 2013 was my first). The lure of Napa

Rose & Thorn [39]

Napa is pretty magical… Rose: Running my 2nd marathon! Thorn: Running A marathon :/ …in a I’m poor, but still love wine kind of way. Napa is as gorgeous and as alluring as its wine soaked visitors become! However, everything here comes at an expense. It’s no wonder trips here

Five Things Friday – Like It’s Supposed to Be

“Go take a Napa, you don’t move to Napa!” Thanks, Clare! Guess that movie? Obviously, if you don’t get it, then maybe we aren’t that good of friends! HAHA, just kidding, of course. Mr. Big, always breaking Carrie’s heart! I digress. I’m excited to get out of town this weekend

Five Things Friday – Our Coffee Date

Let’s pretend for a second… Thanks, Clare! Let’s get lost in a very cute, hippie chic coffee shop. We are sitting in some slightly uncomfortable wooden chairs, leaning on a concrete slab table, and enjoying each others company. Here are the things I’d probably talk to you about… Source 1.

Five Things Friday – 2 Weeks Until Napa

…Marathon that is… Thanks, Clare! 2 weeks doesn’t sound like a long time…cause it isn’t! So thus, this post is dedicated to the 5 random thoughts going through my head as I prepare for the Napa Valley Marathon on March 1st. Or I should really say, my lack of preparation

Rose & Thorn [36]

I really could have used an extra day this weekend… Rose: A fun weekend with L and running a few of my long run miles with Haley! Thorn: Only 12 miles for my long run and 6 of them were in pouring rain! Our weekends with L are always a

Five Things Friday – 5x5x5

Happy Flat Tire Friday…Whomp! Whomp! Not even a month old and one tire already needs to be fixed. Ah well, something so minor won’t ruin my Friday or weekend! Big fun things this weekend, can’t wait 🙂 Thanks, Clare! 5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week: 1. This…just this…