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3 Day Sabbatical

Better late than never, right… I’m already finishing the third week of my new job. Surprise! I got a new job. I wanted to do a post about leaving my job at the Nut House and how I was excited to start something new. But then I figured I better wait until I actually

Musings: FLAVOR! Napa Valley

Sometimes you know, sometimes you have NO clue! Thank goodness, my friend (she happens to be a co-worker too) K, knows what’s up! We are always discussing food and sending pics to each other, quizzing knowledge about new places, and trying out new places together — but she schooled me!

Just Like Frozen…

2 sisters and a castle… …just like Frozen. Except we’re Asian, there was NO snow, and it’s really a winery. So basically, just like Frozen. Every Princess needs a Castello (de Amarosa), right? Napa is known for many things, but mostly for their delicious vino. Did you know a perfect

…and Like That It’s Over!

Christmas has come and gone… …just like that. If you remember correctly, I was trying to find my Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. Shortly after I wrote/posted that, it started to sink in and magically I began to start feeling more in the spirit. Maybe it was just saying it out loud (well,

Showering in Yountville!

I’m in quite the snark mood… …you’ve been warned. When one of your best guy friend’s finds his love, you support it! No matter what. You attend the parties they host, you congratulate when they are engaged, you attend the bachelorette party in San Diego, you attend the wedding, and

Rose & Thorn [42]

The first weekend of Spring did NOT disappoint… Rose: Miss Olivia’s 3rd birthday FUNstivities and our quarterly Napa trip with the girls! Thorn: Big Blue needing more work done… I’m pretty sure I spent more time outside this weekend, than indoors AND it was perfect. Although my allergies might disagree,

Race Recap: Napa Valley Marathon 2015

The ‘make or break’ marathon… Everyone one says don’t decide if you like or dislike (re: hate) something only after doing it once. Or is that just for food? Anywho, I decided, after over a year sabbatical I’d attempt another marathon (CIM 2013 was my first). The lure of Napa

Rose & Thorn [39]

Napa is pretty magical… Rose: Running my 2nd marathon! Thorn: Running A marathon :/ …in a I’m poor, but still love wine kind of way. Napa is as gorgeous and as alluring as its wine soaked visitors become! However, everything here comes at an expense. It’s no wonder trips here

Five Things Friday – 2 Weeks Until Napa

…Marathon that is… Thanks, Clare! 2 weeks doesn’t sound like a long time…cause it isn’t! So thus, this post is dedicated to the 5 random thoughts going through my head as I prepare for the Napa Valley Marathon on March 1st. Or I should really say, my lack of preparation