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Race Recap: 2019 Annual Race for Justice

When race day lands on National Bagel Day! I’ve said it plenty of times, but this race is one of Sacramento’s best-hidden gem for the running community! The ease of parking, the minimal participants, the hills, and the gorgeous homes all make this one of my favorite runs offered in

Race Recap: LSNC Valentine Run 2018

First race R U N of 2018! When you wait for some annoying human to decide if your plans will fall into (their) place or not, sometimes you just have to sign up for a race with one of your fave gal pal’s and her cute baby. If you can’t

WIAW – Road Trip Style

Woke up in one city, fell asleep in another! The party is back home with Jenn, where it all started! Link-up or head on over there to see what all the fun is about and meet one (or a bunch) of fellow bloggers! Sactown to SLO… Last Friday, J and I

Rose & Thorn [41]

Just living the life of a faux runner… Rose: Hosting a dinner for two gals who were running their first half marathon! Thorn: Lingering aches and pains and attempting to play soccer after a Halfer! My body is screaming from the inside. My forearms are sore, my left knee has

Rose & Thorn [40]

Adult slumber parties are the best… Rose: Celebrating my 32nd twice on Saturday! Thorn: A lingering migraine/headache since Wednesday… Mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about an all girls, actually woman, slumber party! This weekend was filled with family and friends, and my birthday of course. Although, no matter

Thinking Out Loud – Year of the Goat/Sheep

Happy (Chinese) New Year! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. …From this half Chinese gal! Generally, the extent of my celebration is usually dinner with the Parentals, which isn’t a bad way to celebrate at all. However, growing up it was more elaborate when my grand parents were alive. They were

Rose & Thorn [34]

Another weekend closer to Napa.. Rose: The infamous Bacon Burger from the Grange! Thorn: My heart… Sorry, this post is most likely going to lack my normal, grit and humor. The case of Monday’s has reared it’s ugly head… Friday  Another Friday Family Date Night after we picked up L.

WIAW – Random Foodness

A little of this and a little of that… Thanks, Jenn! Just because I feel like doing it that way. Thanks for the link-up Jenn, it’s always fun! Because my running eats are not that glamorous, but I continue to snap pics of them just because I need something to

Thinking Out Loud – Get Rrrrrready to Rrrrramble…

Ramble, ramble, ramble. Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Limbo // My life right now. Half of my room at the new house and half at the old house, it is convenient that they are right next door to each other, but still SO inconvenient. Living in limbo is what I

Rose & Thorn [19]

Chillaxin’… Rose: The  Gmen winning NLDS game 2 in 18 (loooooong) innings. Thorn: Leaving my keys in J’s car so I couldn’t run errands and get a pedi! Oh hey October, it’s cool, we still want to enjoy 90+ degree weather. I guess you forgot it is Fall! A lovely,