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Musings: My Claim to Fame

I’m like, kinda Insta-famous… Totally kidding. However, this day in age, when a brand reposts, or even comments on your social, it tends to mean something to some. Some people could give a rats ass about this stuff. I can appreciate that. Then you have those, like myself, who enjoy

Musings: A Common Denominator

A death, a wedding reception, and a birthday… What do they all have in common? The ability to remind me that I have chosen to surround myself with a great group of friends. I’ve been told on countless occasions that it’s rare, while simultaneously being complimented, on the strength and

Cali Girl Does Seattle – Día Uno

Adulting Spring break style… And because we’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy…be serious! Well, we do watch it every week, but that’s not why we decided to spend a few days here. It happened on a whim and I went with it. If J agrees to any adventure, I plan it in

Diamond Celebration

60 years, that’s a long time… …to be with one person. Geez! HAHA, I say that in jest. I can only hope to have and cultivate what J’s grandparents have. This past weekend we celebrated their anniversary in grand fashion. I thought I was getting off scot-free (I just looked

Thinking Out Loud – Happy Thoughts

Loving my happy mood… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I’m going to chalk it up to lady business and say that I was in a bad/ugly mood the last few days, but that has come and gone. Maybe its the endorphins from my workout this AM or my pizza hangover,

Rose & Thorn [48]

It was all about the Momma’s…Momma’s…Momma’s…. Rose: Mother’s Day! I love my Momma! Thorn: The most poorly run Race for the Cure in Sacramento, what a disappointment! I’m really keeping it short this week, like really! Friday Right after work I went straight to the mall to pick up our

Thinking Out Loud – The Cost of Being a Girl(y Tomboy)

I’m nosy… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. …among other things. I love to know what products – make up, skin care, sunblock, anything really – other people/gals use and potentially the cost of said items. It depends on how exactly nosy I’m being that day. So, I thought I’d just

Thinking Out Loud – My First Game of the Season

The SF Giants are everything (insert hands up emoji)! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. On Monday, I posted on FB, that I was already in love with this week. And it was NOT a lie! This week has been progressively been getting better and I can’t stop smiling today! Yesterday