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Guest Post – Grow Through What You Go Through

Friendships grow where you water them. Well, not always, but that’s okay. I could have sworn all the guest posts were from last year, only to find out they were a lot earlier than that. 2015 to 2016 was when six amazing women authored guest blog posts for me. I thought

Race Recap(ish): The Big Run #GlobalRunningDay, 5k

I always appreciate this day, regardless of how running is going in my life. I could have sworn it was called #NationalRunningDay, but I guess not. I looked back to last years post and it was Global Running Day too. 2016 also had the same new name. Old habits die

14 for 14

Exactly like ESPN’s 30 for 30…duh! Oh and a little taste of WIAW cause yesterday’s lunch got a little ethnic interesting… 1 // Pledging, getting accepted, and getting kicked out of November Project. The bitterness has come and gone. It was fun while it lasted and. B&B are doing amazing

Thinking Out Loud – Hawaii Edition

Back on that grind… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I thought I’d just verbally spew some stuff from my recent trip to Hawaii and whatnot… Sunsets – I never take the time to watch the sunset in Sacramento, but I feel like when you’re in Hawaii and it’s setting over

Race Recap: Eppies Great Race

Rest in peace Eppie! If this triathlon doesn’t scream Sacramento, then I don’t know what does. This isn’t your average tri – it does NOT go swim, bike run. In great Eppie fashion it goes by its own accord – run, bike, and paddle (aka kayak). Eppie G. Johnson (Remembrance) was

Thinking Out Loud – Ramblings For Sure

I literally had to stop from writing a 5 Things Friday post… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. It’s only Thursday, huh? I guess since all of America has Friday off, I feel like today is Friday. Yay for a 3.5 day weekend. 0.5 you ask, yes, my lovely, awesome, super

5 Things Friday

All over the damn place… Thanks, Clare! My life feels like its all over the damn place, since I landed in Sacramento on Wednesday! I had a direct flight that stopped in San Diego, but I didn’t have to change plans. So, of course I turned on my phone to

5 Things Friday – Fiver

World Cup has been preoccupying my time…so it’ll be a shortie! Thanks, Clare! I live my life in 5’s…just kidding – but it is my ALL TIME favorite number. I try to grab this number in any sport I play. I will claw it out of your hand, I don’t

Race Recap: Women's Fitness Festival 2014 Half Marathon

I’m a sucker for anything “inaugural”…   …So sue me, I want to be a part of something for the first time. Doesn’t it sound exciting to you? Well it did to me a few months back when I finally pulled the trigger and signed up! This race has always

Rose & Thorn [5]

Summer is here… …and I have the sweat stained clothes to prove it! Gross, huh? Sacramento doesn’t play when it comes to summer! It comes at you full force, until September, if we’re lucky :/ If I could sum up my weekend, here it is: Rose: Going on a double