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Diary of a Non-Cook: The EASIEST Appetizer Ever

Well Christmas came and went like a whirlwind. And as per the usu, I was tasked with an appetizer for our big celebration. I really should ask for dessert, since I can never get there on time. But, it makes the suspense that much more exciting for everyone 😉 Happily,

Rose & Thorn [45]

Happy Monday. – No one ever Rose: Celebrating two birthdays and a fun little 5 miler race! Thorn: Sore. Sore. Sore! As always, a weekend that flew by with tons of fun in between. In the event of keeping it short, here goes an attempt. Friday I’m not used to

Rose & Thorn [43]

Before I can go any further, I NEED to wish… HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPA BEAR!  Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program… The From bad to good! Rose: A full weekend of FUNstivities Thorn: Not knowing if I’m actually sick or if allergies are kicking my ass! This was one of

Rose & Thorn [41]

Just living the life of a faux runner… Rose: Hosting a dinner for two gals who were running their first half marathon! Thorn: Lingering aches and pains and attempting to play soccer after a Halfer! My body is screaming from the inside. My forearms are sore, my left knee has

Rose & Thorn [8]

Three. Day. Weekend! I thought it was going to be a 3.5 day weekend, but in solidarity with my co-workers who have been working crazy hour days, we didn’t get released early on Thursday. I wasn’t a happy camper, but I can completely sympathize with why we weren’t let out

WIAW – Pretending to be Healthy

I’m hiding healthy in between my unhealthy… Thanks, Jenn! I know I only have one body for my entire life. So, at the ripe age of 31 I’ve decided I better start putting good, even healthy, things into it even if I’m not accustomed to eating them or liking them,

WIAW – Cause Snacking is How I Roll…

I snack to kill time in between meals… Thanks, Jenn! When someone asks my hobbies, “snacking” is always in the top 5! I’m a constant snacker, more so at my desk, rather than on the weekends when I’m out and about. I feel like a slight apology is in order,

There Really Should be a Day in Between Saturday and Sunday

Ya feel me?! Who comes up with these? I know it’s already Tuesday, but here is a quick little recap of my lovely, although extremely busy weekend. I feel blessed to be able to complain about being busy, life could always be worse. Because come on, Friday really is part