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Santa Cruzin'…

Beachy vibes with a side of stormy Fall weather… {{I’ve been slacking on posting this and here I am ready to today, while trying to navigate my feelings and emotions of what happened last night. I know the new President does not reflect who I am or what I stand

Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 3

Steppin’ my game up, a bit… Not perfect, but putting in a little more effort and dedication this week. It’s really nice that J is also starting to get into training, so we have each other to motivate one another. But he’s also killin’ it at me, so maybe it

Thinking Out Loud – Year of the Goat/Sheep

Happy (Chinese) New Year! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. …From this half Chinese gal! Generally, the extent of my celebration is usually dinner with the Parentals, which isn’t a bad way to celebrate at all. However, growing up it was more elaborate when my grand parents were alive. They were