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Musings: #GaneebanTris – Week 4

2/3 of the way done. When you start training six weeks kinda sounds daunting. Now that I’m in the thick (if you can be in the thick with only six weeks) of it, it seems to be flying past me. The halfway mark felt like I hit the wall. I’m

Five Things Friday – Donut Worry, Be Happy

Donut even tell me you don’t know today is… National Donut Day!! Line out the door, but I still got two dozen 🙂 A little pun fun for the office! @heygirlhill tagged me in @meghanpaigetarry’s IG  – so worthy of a repost! I’m feeling all sorts of content… Thanks, Clare!

Rose & Thorn [41]

Just living the life of a faux runner… Rose: Hosting a dinner for two gals who were running their first half marathon! Thorn: Lingering aches and pains and attempting to play soccer after a Halfer! My body is screaming from the inside. My forearms are sore, my left knee has

Rose & Thorn [38]

The calm before the storm… Rose: Celebrating birthdays and New (Lunar) Years with friends and family! Thorn: Not doing my recovery run on Sunday. And by calm, I mean completely busy. But, there were some relaxing moments during the weekend. Lots of obligations, but with family and friends – so

Race Recap: Urban Cow Half Marathon – Relay

It will forever be Cowtown to me! Urban Cow If I had to guess, I would say this is the big fall race in Sacramento. Even after the 2012 “Udderly Long Race” of a 13.74 mile half marathon, people still come out in droves! I’ve only ever done this as

Rose & Thorn [19]

Chillaxin’… Rose: The  Gmen winning NLDS game 2 in 18 (loooooong) innings. Thorn: Leaving my keys in J’s car so I couldn’t run errands and get a pedi! Oh hey October, it’s cool, we still want to enjoy 90+ degree weather. I guess you forgot it is Fall! A lovely,

Rose & Thorn [13]

I’m made for summer weekends… Rose: It’s a tie, between our Friday night park date or our Saturday morning Railroad Museum adventure. Thorn: Being poolside with gloomy-ish weather… It seems as if the weekend progressed, my picture taking did the opposite. Per the usu, it was a busy one, but

Rose & Thorn [10]

It was a Summer weekend, with not-so-Summer weather! Rose: Finding some joy in running this weekend and slowly working out the knee issue! Thorn: There was no sun, so our poolside tanning plans turned into a raining hot tub session :/ What was your Rose Thorn? It was one of

WIAW – The Carb Edition

Carbgasm’s are almost as good as the other ‘asm! Thanks, Jenn! Bwaha, sorry if you’re squeamish, that was probably too much for you! Anywho, so I know there’s plenty of different articles/research touting different ideas regarding when/how to carb load before a race. I have come to accept and practice

I Do What I Want!

While the whole world is meal prepping and eating healthy… I’m here just eating whatever I want! I thought I’d counteract all of these annoying inspiring healthy foods posts, with a regular, average person’s food decisions for the first week of January. Also some quick little weekend highlights! Pronto //