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Musings: Self Love

Is it wrong to love yourself? Via Okay, that’s a pretty loaded question. However, society sends us mixed signals. We are supposed to navigate our way through this chaotic mess of mixed messages. Society tells us to love ourselves, there’s nothing wrong with it – advertisements, articles, blogs, the media,

Thinking out Loud – It’s OK to be Random

Verbal purge… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Just some randomness that has been floating through my brain, in conversation, or on social media. Health Check – I love that my company rewards us for being healthy and also offers great tools to keep us on track. Each year they have

Five Things Friday – Randomness x5

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Thanks, Clare! A little unoriginal, because I’m sure I’ve used that line before. Per the usu, I’m happy its Friday and that my freedom (re the weekend) is a short 9 hours away. I say that like I dislike my job, which is completely untrue