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Musings: A Common Denominator

A death, a wedding reception, and a birthday… What do they all have in common? The ability to remind me that I have chosen to surround myself with a great group of friends. I’ve been told on countless occasions that it’s rare, while simultaneously being complimented, on the strength and

Rose & Thorn [46]

I’m Yessss, it’s Monday! Marathon Monday, deserves a quick shout out! Rose: Family and friends, por vida! Thorn: Nothing really at all…does a stiff right ankle, that’s been annoying, count? Yup, you read that right. This week is going to be the BEST ever. Only three days of working and

WIA(Last)W – Adult Spring Break Style

Just because I’m grown doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy Spring Break… The merry-go-round continues and brings us back to  Arman @ The Big Man’s World ! As always, peep Jenn’s blog to see where it all started and how to join the partay! It never really bugged me that I

Thinking Out Loud – Messy Thoughts

I’m I’m Literally, just thinkin’ out loud today… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I know this is redundant, but I love doing this Thursday link-up! It allows me to just let my current thoughts spew out and sometimes it even sheds light/insight to my own thoughts and ideas. So, thank

Rose & Thorn [15]

Not every weekend turns out how you hoped… Rose: Friday night seeing all of my faves and Saturday girls brunch… Thorn: Learning to forgive when you’re hurt… I literally don’t have the energy – emotional or physical – to give this post what it deserves. Thanks for stopping by and

Rose & Thorn [6] – A Day Late

I know you are patiently waiting to know about my weekend 😉 …I had some stomach issues (TMI) yesterday, which had me out of work and even blog commission… A day late, but still should be noted: Rose: Celebrating all the “Father” figures I have in my life, especially mine

WIAW – Cause Snacking is How I Roll…

I snack to kill time in between meals… Thanks, Jenn! When someone asks my hobbies, “snacking” is always in the top 5! I’m a constant snacker, more so at my desk, rather than on the weekends when I’m out and about. I feel like a slight apology is in order,