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Musings: My FIRST Best of Sacramento Party

I love my city! I’m pretty sure you know that by now, but just in case you didn’t…I had to say it AGAIN! We have a local publication, Sacramento Magazine, that has been around forever. Poppa Bear has been a subscriber forever. I always love paging through the magazine at

Musings: A SURPRISE Breakup Party

No Juan was harmed during this celebration! I feel like this type of thing only happens to Real Housewives of [insert hella different cities] or on SATC! N E V E R did I imagine my girl tribe would surprise me with a breakup party! I woke up the next

Musings: Consistently, Inconsistent

That title pretty much sums up my blogging routine lately… Via …and I’m actually okay with it. I was pumping out five posts a week. They were very automated, by that I mean I did the same thing week in, week out. As a reader, thanks for sticking around –

Rose & Thorn [45]

Happy Monday. – No one ever Rose: Celebrating two birthdays and a fun little 5 miler race! Thorn: Sore. Sore. Sore! As always, a weekend that flew by with tons of fun in between. In the event of keeping it short, here goes an attempt. Friday I’m not used to

Thinking Out Loud – Without Much Thought

Just not feelin’ it today… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I say that now, but then the post will end up going on for ever…and ever… Pizza // Do you ever have such an intense craving for food, but don’t give in for days. Then finally, the weather gets gloomy

Rose & Thorn [27]

Adios November… Rose: Giving thanks, family, and friends… Thorn: Damn head cold…part deux! So, since I generally start my weekend when I get out of work, this post should start from Wednesday at noon until yesterday evening. Buuuut, this would be the longest blog post ever to be written so

Rose & Thorn [22]

Weekends like this make Monday’s suck so much less… Rose: Hair finally did and Giants winning TWO WS games!! Thorn: Not getting to spend enough QT with Lady and her new lovebug… So much goodness packed into one weekend, I’m a happy girl! Oh yeah, and in case you aren’t

WIAW – Girls Gone Wine

“Girls Weekend” means that calories don’t count… Thanks, Jenn! I just wish my body knew that 🙂 I’m taking creative liberties (again) and going to post my weekend eats, not just one day. So, although indulgences were a plenty, we actually didn’t eat super boughie (re fancy). We kept it

Rose & Thorn [18]

Chillaxin’… Rose: Cheesy moment warning: Spending a relaxing weekend with J (previously referred to as The Boy)…  Thorn: Bummed I didn’t get to see the Lil and R when they came in for a quick visit to see Poppa Bear! Relaxation I didn’t even realize I needed. I thrive on