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Christmas Advenutre: The Last Day…

A day with no plans… This felt really nice after going nonstop from Christmas Eve to now. There were only two things that we had planned for the day, L had to have some pool time and J had to watch is beloved Spurs play! That was it…well, and of

A Christmas Adventure – The San Diego Safari Park

Another day, another adventure… In case you missed the last two posts, you can catch up and read about our Christmas Adventure and why we thought it would be something fun to try. You will then know that we were in sunny San Diego and our first stop was the San Diego

A Christmas Adventure – The San Diego Zoo

Always say yes to adventures… …especially when they involve anything in San Diego! If you read yesterday’s post, then you already know our Christmas adventure found us in San Diego! Well, if you know anything about San Diego, most people know it’s the home of an awesome Zoo and Safari

The New Tradition: A Christmas Adventure

What do you get a kid who has pretty much everything? Okay, none of us are rich (by any means), but the kid literally has most everything she wants or needs. She still has presents that haven’t been opened from her birthday four months ago. I don’t think she needs

Race Recap: San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

I finally did a Rock ‘n’ Roll race! Some hate them, some love them…I was just a girl trying to run one! Finally, after years of hearing of them, I finally committed to running one. Hoopla, schoopla…it was going down AND I would be taking a mini vacation or long

A Vaycay in the Whale’s Vagina!

If you don’t get that reference, then you should immediately Google it and watch that damn movie! So, I talked about it all last week…and probably the week before…but I went on a RUNcation this past weekend! Many moons ago, I convinced myself, my best friend and her hubby to

Trifecta Overload! – FPP // Fit Momma Friday // 5 Things Friday

So much to talk about today…. Food. Momma. Friday.  Food The Lean Green Bean Reveal Day! Today is the D-A-Y for May! Everyone gets to share their Foodie Penpals by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean!  If you didn’t see my post from my first EVER FPP, please feel free