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Musings: Pitchers & Catchers

My favorite two words in February! This day is most important because it truly signifies the START of the baseball season. Pitchers and catchers are officially required to report today, but pretty much everyone comes now too. And in case you aren’t too much in to baseball, each team designates

Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

The Giants may be having an AWFUL year, but their racing series is NOT! Ahh, to be so happy to run and support your team who is having the worst season (possibly) ever is humbling! Regardless of their current league standing, thousands flocked to San Francisco this weekend to show

Vlogging For A Day + Hamilton

I’m young, scrappy, and hungry… …just like my Country. But still not comfortable recording myself and posting it. Okay, let me step back here a second and say I can easily turn the camera around for a selfie. I can easily get animated for a Boomerang. BUT what I’m talking

Musings: Pitchers && Catchers A N D FanFest

Blogger FAIL, this was supposed to be posted yesterday // 2.13.17… Everyone is excited about GALentines, but it’s all about PITCHERS & CATCHERS reporting TODAY! via sfgiants.com I’m all about celebrating women, which is today….BUT…I can’t hide my excitement for Baseball season! Fan Fest for my beloved SF Giants was

Musings: A Day Trip to Reset

He knows where I need to go when I’m feeling stagnant… …or just need a reset. I had that feeling and I expressed it to J, so he planned a quick little day trip to the City for us. I didn’t realize, but he had planned for us to hike,

Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

I may be a crappy Giants fan this year… …but I wouldn’t miss this race! Literally, this was the first time I’ve been to AT&T Park this year. I’m really starting to feel like a faux Giants fan. Yes, I follow the games via my App and watch as many

A Day in the City

Are DAYcations still a thing? Or is that an old term? Anyway, us lucky Sacramentans can basically go in any direction for about an hour and half (give or take fifteen minutes, not including traffic) and find ourselves in a place that is completely opposite of Sacramento.  A free Sunday,

Musings: Not Starting

My blogger dream could have been a reality… …but I wasn’t selected! I was crushed. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it still stings. The SF Giants started a new blogger ‘Starting Nine’ for their Giant Race series. When I saw their FB post asking for people to apply,

New Year, New Adventures

Ending 2015 with a grateful heart champs and starting 2016 cursing the champs! Normally, my entire family gets together for the first day of the year. But this year they all decided to travel…all to the same city, apparently! HAHA! This means that we were left to our own devices.

Thinking Out Loud – A Penny for Your Thoughts

It’s been way too long! I thought I’d let the thoughts flow today, since I haven’t done this in a hot minute. I went to peep out the situation over at .running with spoons. to see if anything has changed. Come to found out Amanda is celebrating her 3rd blogging