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Musings: I’m Dating Religion

I have been, on and off, for a long time. But now, with more time on my hands, I can actually continue courting the religion that best fits my beliefs. I’ve actually been wanting to find the right fit for a while. It is intimidating. Maybe that’s an excuse, but

Thinking Out Loud – 805 Musings

Stupid sore, but still smiling from ear to ear from this weekend! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. The 805 elicits something out of me, that many things don’t. Good memories, good times, and good food. There isn’t too many places that I make it a point to go to, but

WIAW – Road Trip Style

Woke up in one city, fell asleep in another! The party is back home with Jenn, where it all started! Link-up or head on over there to see what all the fun is about and meet one (or a bunch) of fellow bloggers! Sactown to SLO… Last Friday, J and I

Race Recap: SLO Half Marathon

From Ambassador to (Halfer) Finisher… My experience may be a novel, so grab your popcorn and wine (or soda, if you’d prefer) and get ready. I’ll try to keep it on the short side, but we know how that goes with my verbose ways… I applied to be an Ambassador

WIAW: Bling && Better Choices

The BLING has been dropped! Don’t worry, I still have some delicious food pics for my normal WIAW post with Jenn, but I had to show you the cutest-perfect-for-SLO race medals that YOU and I will get at the finish line on April 26th!! I haven’t been one to really

Someone Help…

I need advice… …among other things in life, obviously! Pretty please… Here is the situation. I am running my 2nd marathon…EVER…on March 1st in Napa, California. I signed up for this months ago and have a training schedule in place.   However, about a month ago, I learned I was


So I was a little premature, kinda like a teenage high school boy… My post a couple weeks ago let you in on my secret… But, just in case you missed it, I was selected as a SLO Marathon Ambassador for 2015! Get social about it: Facebook: /slomarathon Twitter: @slomarathon Instagram: @raceslo Pinterest: RaceSLO

5 Things Friday – It's Baaaaccck….

I decided to get a little creative last week, but I’m back on track… Thanks, Clare! 5 Things I’m Looking Forward Too This Weekend: 1. Baby Zachary’s baptism – Grateful I was asked to witness such a milestone for the Gangl family! 2. Actually getting to use a Living Social