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Ganeeban DOES NOT Run Shamrock'n

I’m sure my pessimistic running attitude has been shining through lately. Well, as I sit here on this gloomy Sunday afternoon. I’m a little sad, but mostly relieved that the race has come and gone without me. I’m bordering the line of a bad allergy bout, slight sinus infection, OR

Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 7

I see the finish line… …well, since our training program is going down in miles, I do! The one pain in my ass (figurative, not literal) is that this training session always runs through my birthday (and Lent). So, some years I sacrifice training to party my little birthday heart

Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 4

I think I forgot I was running a halfer in four weeks :/ So this week kinda sucked. Not kinda, it did. I really didn’t do any of my scheduled running, per my FF schedule. Take a look for yourself.. Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy Monday Actual:

Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 3

Steppin’ my game up, a bit… Not perfect, but putting in a little more effort and dedication this week. It’s really nice that J is also starting to get into training, so we have each other to motivate one another. But he’s also killin’ it at me, so maybe it

Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 2

Still not perfect, but who is? Oh wow, what a slap of reality to my running conditioning. I knew I wasn’t in real good running shape, but Wednesday’s first ‘speed play’ really, really highlighted that for me. Also, come to find out that Fartlek means ‘speed play’ in Swedish (felt

Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 1

So maybe we should hit the re-start button! Sometimes the importance of life just gets in the damn way. Sometimes running just isn’t a priority for the week.  In case you forgot what I signed myself up for, read here. This last week, running was the farthest thing from my

Thinking Out Loud – Like I Do Every Thursday

Well, well, well… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. It’s already Thursday, I’ll be darned! I’m pretty excited about this weekend, got some fun stuff planned 🙂 6 Months-ish // When I outed my blog, I knew there would be some support and probably some backlash (can’t think of a better